Hands – on Extraction Course “Complicated Exodontia; Simplified”

//Hands – on Extraction Course “Complicated Exodontia; Simplified”
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Course Title: Complicated Exodontia; Simplified (Lecture & Hands-on)

Learning Objectives:

After completion of this course the participants will be able to:

• Discuss Uncomplicated and Complicated Exodontia •

Discuss practical techniques in performing complicated extractions

•Understand third molar impaction essentials (Anatomy and step by step guidelines)

• Perform Predictable socket grafting techniques

• Perform Ridge Preparation for immediate dentures

• Discuss Incisional / ExcisionalBiopsy techniques

• Understand diagnosis and managementof complications in dentoalveolar surgeries

• Discuss the most common suturing techniques and materials


For more information please refer to the course flyer Hands-on Extraction Course