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Course Description:

Crown lengthening is a form of periodontal surgery focused on exposing additional tooth structure by removing gingival tissue and often bone from around the tooth. It serves aesthetic or functional purposes. This course will concentrate on functional crown lengthening, a surgical technique primarily designed to facilitate restorative access and establish an adequate ferrule for optimal and stable restorative results.


Learning Objectives:

After completion of this course the participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the indications and contra-indications for functional crown lengthening
  2. Discuss the principles of periodontal flap design and osseous resective surgery
  3. Understand the principles of functional crown lengthening to enhance restorative outcome
  4. Perform incisions and elevate mucoperiosteal flaps (Pig Jaw)
  5. Perform osseous reduction (Ostectomy and Osteoplasty) for the purpose of crown lengthening (Pig Jaw)
  6. Discuss suturing materials and perform suturing techniques following crown lengthening