“I really appreciate the timing, structure and materials used in the course. To me as my first implant course, it was really great.
Thanks to Dr. Termei and Dr. Shokati and their staff.”

Dr. Alireza Kamali
“It was a very highly comprehensive course. I had taken other similar courses but the amount of material covered here was impressive.
I already recommended this course to my friends and colleagues.”

Dr. Bita Sharifi
“It was a great learning experience! Excited to implement this knowledge I gathered into clinical practice.
Excellent instructors kept the sessions engaging and educative!”

Dr. Saujanya Mukherjee
“ I would like to thank you Dr.Termei and your great team for the coaching you gave me. Your method is very effective, I have always had the passion for surgeries and implants but had those doubts of really putting it into my practice since it really needs good knowledge and skills. After I signed up for this course, I was hesitant if that was a right choice, but as we went more into details and the practical part I found myself more comfortable and confident . Dr.Termei’s support and guidance made me fall in love with implantology . I had a chance to place 17 implants on real patients in Dominican Republic and gained such a valuable experience that I would be able to apply in my practice today . I am very grateful and excited for my new experience and adventure in the dentistry world. ”

Dr. Nazanin Niknam
“Very good course. Multiple aspects of implant dentistry were covered including surgery, single tooth and multiple implant-supported prostheses.
Great presentation materials and all presenters were very knowledgeable of topics covered and very approachable for discussion and answering questions in and out of classroom.”

Dr. Arezou Mohajer
“I’m very glad that I took the Centric Education implant course in 2016. It gave me the confidence and knowledge to place and restore dental implants at my practice. It’s a great value for money and the lecturers are friendly and professional and caring about your future.
It was a very comprehensive course with hands-on training and the surgery part in Dominican Republic was an amazing experience with placing 15 implants in 4 days .
I strongly recommend this course to any dentist considering a career in implant dentistry. ”

Dr. Nasser Jafari

“Both Reza and Babak take great efforts in teaching you all the necessary evidence based concepts to get you started and confident in comprehensive implant dentistry. The surgical component in Dominican was one of the best experiences I had in my life. Reza’s humbleness and proficiency make him one of the best mentors and teachers there is!”

Dr. Novin s.

Thank you Dr. Reza. It was a wonderful experience. I would appreciate sharing the lectures and list of materials and instruments.

“It was an amazing intensive surgical implant course on real patients with lots of fun on the side provided by Centric Education. The course started with two days comprehensive lectures including lots of discussion about prosthetically driven treatment planning and practical aspect of implant placement followed by one day of hands-on simulation training. The clinical part was on patients in Dominican Republic. Dr. Termei discussed each case in detail and instructed us every step so friendly. I placed 14 implants and was able to experience procedures such as sinus elevation and bone grafting in four days. Thank you so much Dr. Termei for the course management and team supervision. You are the best.”

Dr. Ali Hosseini DDS
“A very special thank you to Dr. Reza Termei for providing an outstanding live Implant course. Your great style simplifies complex problems.
I highly recommend this rich course to anyone seriously considering placing dental implants. ”

Dr. Ali Tavakoli, DDS
“I had taken many implant courses; theory, hands on , online and troubleshooting case reviews. Yet, I had not placed any implants. Honestly I was not confident enough. Thank to you, Dr. Termei, and your meticulous detailed-planned course I find myself stepping into the world of Implantology. Your wisdom & knowledge combined with your pure heart-driven dedication opened the new door to me. Well-explained theory parallel to the directed hands-on guidance made it exponentially differentiated from other courses. I guess less than 20% of doctors who take other courses would take it to their business and place implants, but this program, thank to the well-programmed syllabus Dr. Termei innovated, changes the potential dentists to Implant doctors!

Thank you again, ”

Dr. Mohammad Ghiami DDS
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